Upholstery Cleaning


Newstead’s Cleaning Services offer a professional upholstery cleaning service 24/7. Our extensive knowledge of cleaning methods and products, combined with a passion for high quality service make us the number one choice for upholstery cleaning.

Our Process of upholstery cleaning service:

Andrew Newstead managing director of Newstead’s cleaning services will be happy to answer any questions about our cleaning process either by phone or by visiting you to provide a free quotation. Before cleaning, upholstery is moved onto water-proof sheets to prevent your floor from getting wet.

1.Thoroughly vacuum: Upholstery is vacuumed to remove loose soil, grit, hair and fluff

2. Treat Stains and Spots: Newstead’s Cleaning Services will use specialist products to remove all major stains and spillages. (No guarantee can be given)

3. High powered detergent: Upholstery is treated with a high powered detergent which dissolves dirt .

4. Agitation with Upholstery brush: Next we use a specialist upholstery brush to ensure detergent is worked deep into the fibers thoroughly dissolving all the dirt.

5. Rinse extraction: Next we use our high powered machine to extract all the dirt from the upholstery. The machine has high powered vacuum motors which lift all dirt from the upholstery. At the same time the machine pumps a hot cleaning solution which helps remove dirt and rinses away any residue left from previous cleaning products.

6. Upholstery protection: We can apply an upholstery protector.

7.Drying: Newstead’s cleaning services can provide turbo dryers to rapidly increase drying time.

This is what our customers say about our service.

 Mr & Mrs Millward from Croxley

Very good and professional.


Mr Farrell from Bushey

Job well done.


Mr Harrison From Bushey

Excellent job, very professional.


Mrs Arran From Bushey

Mr Newstead provided a highly efficient and well executed service. I would be happy to recommend him to others. My sofas are looking so much better.