The Living Room Package

Taking care of the social center of your home with our highly rated service package.



Cleaning and protecting your Living Room/Lounge furnishings in one visit is the perfect way to renovate your carpets and upholstery to a “like new” condition.



Key Benefits

Our highly rated package offers….

  • Minimal Disturbance – with a one day service.
  • Fast Drying– the room is normally ready to use later the same day.
  • Your Choice– Select ‘Clean and Protect’ or a ‘Healthy Home’ 
  • 20% OFF*itemized prices.
  • ADDITIONALLY,your Hallway carpet will be cleaned the same day for FREE*.
  • PLUS 10% OFF* ANYother areas completed on the same day.
  • FREE bottle of Stain Remover with this package


What’s included…

  1. Deep clean your main Living Room/Lounge suite; this includes a Sanitiser on the Healthy Home
  2. Turbo Dryer used to speed up the drying process as we complete each item.
  3. Once the soft furnishings are complete the correct fabric protector will be applied.
  4. As the Turbo Dryer speeding up drying we will be carrying on with the following…….
  5. Deep cleaning your main Living Room/Lounge carpet, this includes a Sanitiser on the Healthy Home
  6. Application of Carpet Protector on the Clean & Protect and Healthy Home
  7. Completely free of charge service to your Hallway carpet (clean and treat with the same service as the other items)
  8. The Turbo Dryer will carry on drying while we inspect everything with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied.
  9. We then offer advice on how to ensure the items dry as quickly as possible
  10. Now we will pack away our equipment
  11. We will stop the Turbo Dryer and pack this away

Finally….we will leave you with a beautiful Living Room that smells great and is fresh and clean!

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