Terracotta, Quarry and Victorian Tiles

Have you recently lifted your carpet to find a classic tile floor? Or has your Quarry / terracotta floor become dull and unresponsive to mopping?

Feel proud of your floor with Newstead’s Cleaning Services experts restoration and cleaning of quarry, terracotta and Victorian floor tiles.


Quarry, terracotta and Victorian tiles are all made out of clay. They are naturally soft and porous. This means that they can lose their natural beauty over time and no amount of mopping can restore them. At this time professional cleaning is required. Newstead’s Cleaning Services use specialist cleaning solutions that are designed to soak into the pores of these floors and emulsify the dirt. The combination of our specialist products, scrubbing machines and high pressured rinse allows us to clean the floor to a nearly new appearance.

Once cleaned we apply a sealer to the floor to help maintain the beauty of the floor, and make it easier for you to clean in future. Our sealers can come either in a matt finish leaving the floor looking its natural colour or we can apply a satin finish sealant that will add a beautiful sheen to the floor.

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