Slate Flagstone and York stone Floors.

Is your floor no longer looking how it used to? Have the colours become dull? Is dirt starting to imbed itself into the grooves?

Restore the beauty and colour of your slate, York stone and flagstone floors, making them the feature they once were with Newstead’s expert cleaning and sealing process.slate-beforeslate-finished

Whilst these floors are beautiful the uneven nature of them makes them very difficult to clean. Overtime dirt begins to imbed itself into the grooves and divert and mopping simply does not touch it. Use Newstead’s Cleaning Services to deep clean and seal the floor restoring it to its former glory.

Newstead’s Cleaning Services will use a special cleaning solution that will soak the floor and emulsify the dirt. We then use a Scrubbing machine with a special brush on it that will get into all the grooves of the floor. Finally we use a high pressure rinse and extraction to remove all the emulsified dirt from the floor leaving it clean and bright.

After this we can seal the floor to stop dirt and spillages soaking into the tiles and to help make your ongoing maintenance easier.

For more information or to book a free quote and demo clean please call 02089502971!