Marble, Limestone and Travertine Cleaning.

Are you looking to renew the natural sheen and lustre to you Marble Travertine or Limestone tiles?

Marble, limestone and Travertine are all beautiful natural tiles that require careful maintenance. Newstead’s Cleaning Services are fully vetted insured and trained to clean and maintain you beautiful floors and wall tiles.


Newstead’s Cleaning Services can clean and restore Marble, Travertine and Limestone tiles both on walls and flooring. We use a wet polishing system that uses diamond encrusted buffing pads to gently remove the top layer of the tile along with any ingrained impurities and soiling.

Generally we use a four stage buffing system which uses progressively smoother pads to close the pores and restore the natural sheen and lustre to the floor. However if the floor is particularly damaged or if there is lip page (warping of the tiles) then we would start with a coarser buffing pad.

Once we have removed all the dirt and impurities and restored the floor to its natural state we can then seal the floor. Sealing the floor helps to protect again staining and spillages. Then for customers who want a particularly high sheen we can use our high shine polishing powder to achieve a glossy reflective shine.

During the above process we will also clean all of the grout lines thoroughly. The sealer that is used on the tiles will also seal and protect the grout from spills and soiling.


To get a better understanding of how our service works and to see the great results for yourself call today on 02089502971 to arrange a free quotation and demonstration clean.